Copywriting Annual Reports

Copywriting annual reports

1. Here’s where we stand

In the context of Singapore and Southeast Asia, annual reports are comprehensive findings that indicate the health and position of an organisation. Every organisation will have its own idea of style and substance that goes into copywriting their respective annual reports.

2. Common report elements

There are, however, a few common elements present in most annual reports. These include a message from the C.E.O. or president of the organisation, a message from the chairperson, financial statements, auditor reports, accounting policies, mission statements, the organisation’s objectives, and forecasts for growth.

3. Intended audiences

The intended audiences of annual reports are typically shareholders and employees of the organisation — depending on the organisation’s size and location — and are written in one or more languages based on where the organisation is operating in. Copywriting an annual report therefore requires an appreciation of the local reading culture in which the report will be circulated, which is why annual reports come under the category of cultural copywriting.

4. Non-written considerations

Sustainability is another critical issue in copywriting annual reports for print (and digital) purposes. An organisation that espouses the values of going green will find creating an annual report from environmentally friendly material a great opportunity to showcase this commitment. Such material used to be of average quality; not any more. It is easy today to design a highly professional-looking document entirely out of recycled paper and vegetable inks. Of course there is always the digital solution. Within the scope of web distribution, copywriting an annual report for downloading and viewing on mobile devices requires writing with the intent to create a richer reading experience.

5. Harmonisation, not homogenisation

Whatever the copywriting, design and distribution considerations, the annual report is the organisation’s singular voice, spoken by many members, for multiple publics. Everything, from tone of voice and diction, to sentence lengths and typographic considerations, must be harmonised (not homogenised) and appropriately presented by the copywriting team. Quantico’s ‘harmonisation over homogenisation’ approach is a key contributor to our success with copywriting annual reports for organisations in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

6. Structure and readability

An annual report is also a formal or formalised document structure, presented in an engaging, informative manner that gets readers to comprehend and appreciate the information contained within the report without sacrificing integrity or robustness of the message. Copywriting an annual report requires a carefully-crafted blend of voice, layout, and rhetoric that communicates with respect and clarity.

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