Copywriting Brand and Employee Manuals

Copywriting brand and employee manuals

1. I know my way

Brand and employee manuals are more than rule books; these are internally accepted codes of practice that define collective instructions and shared ideologies between an organisation, its stakeholders, and its suppliers. The first consideration in copywriting a brand or employee manual is to lay out what the collective instruction is. Because instructions are susceptible to misinterpretation (not just in comprehension but also in relatability) a copywriter must capture the tone and spirit of the communication, before committing to words.

2. What to say

Yet employee manuals are often received with less than the enthusiasm they deserve because most adults don’t take very well to being told exactly what to do and what not to do. In culturally diverse environments an employee manual is easy to write but difficult to style; that is where a local copywriter with knowledge of Singapore’s organisational cultures can really help. Once you have your ‘what to say,’ your copywriter can help you with the ‘how to say it.’

3. How to say it

Employee manuals need to explain why a certain policy is so. Taking direction is not an easy activity and a finely-toned, well-paced manual can make all the difference between employees ‘having to do something,’ and ‘wanting to do something.’ Copywriting brand and employee manuals in Singapore necessitates carefully matching the rhetoric of copy with the assumptions of the manual’s intended audiences. Manuals after all are designed to instruct and unify diverse individuals behind a single vision, not aggravate and divide teams into factions. Likewise, for vendors and suppliers the manual is a vital tool to align external products and services with internal values and expectations.

4. Feedback and feed forward

It’s also becoming really popular these days to make an employee manual a two-way document in which members of the organisation take it upon themselves to improve the standards contained in the document. Quantico helps you convert your brand and employee manuals into a constructive dialogue between your managers and teams. Phrased and worded appropriately, a manual becomes a powerful tool in orienting members to not just comply, but collaborate, co-ordinate, and represent their organisation as a unified entity to itself and its audiences.

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