Copywriting Exhibitions and Events

Copywriting exhibitions and events

1. Showing and telling

Museums, fairs, auctions, theatres, and trade shows, have lots to showcase. The objects and artefacts on display are often of immeasurable value, inviting people from all over to attend the exhibition. Concomitant to these items on display are the write ups detailing what the item is, its history, it story, and its journey into the present time. Some exhibitions like the relics from the Titanic, or the latest swing-wing super sonic jets, border on the spectacular. These exhibitions require their write-ups to be just as captivating. Our job as exhibition writers in Singapore is to understand the vision of organisers, and translate this into memorable experiences for audiences.

2. From text to story

Great exhibition copywriters do more than just provide information; they tell a story through copywriting. Exhibitions and trade shows are often organised according to a narrative. The write ups must follow the style and layout of the narrative, providing powerful glimpses into the story but never stealing focus from the display. Apart from understanding the narratives, effective exhibition writing also controls the quantity of information. Quantico has worked on copywriting projects for a number of exhibition venues, including the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, and the Army Museum in Singapore. Our success with copywriting exhibitions is a result of successfully converting text into stories, and facts into personalised narratives for both, audiences and stakeholders.

3. Personalising the narrative

Too little information and visitors go from curious to furious. Too much information and visitors either stop reading ,or stop to read for so long that the exhibition comes to a stand still with others waiting lengthy periods for their turn to read. A perfect piece of exhibition writing takes into account the fluidity of traffic. Striking the perfect balance between time and content is a skill that a good exhibition copywriter enjoys as much as the hosts of these events.

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