1. Spirited collaborations

Ghostwriting describes a collaborative effort between someone with ideas and someone with great writing skills. Lots of us have great ideas but putting those down on paper can be a somewhat arduous task that often dissuades people from writing. If you are one of these people, a ghostwriter skilled at copywriting external ideas is precisely what you need.

2. Expressing impressions

This special breed of copywriter knows how to get into your head, understand all your ideas the way you understand them, and then express them for you in a way that matches your style. Ghostwriting has been around for a long time. Some of the best publications have been written by ghostwriters, which is not to say the profession is a farce.

3. Needs-based writing

Ghostwriting is based on an intrinsic trust between the person with the ideas and the person with the writing skills to create work that is interesting and well-expressed. Imagine a café owner in the United Kingdom with a great idea for a mystery novel set in Kuala Lumpur, but with limited knowledge of Malay colloquialisms. That is when hiring a local ghostwriter really helps.

4. Clarifying ownership

In most situations a ghostwriter receives no credit for the work, only a stipend for the effort. A ghostwriter accepts these terms when commencing ghostwriting. After all, it’s all about bringing an awesome skill in to help someone with a good idea to get the words out for the rest of the world to share. Note: ensure that a ghostwriter is fully aware of receiving no credit for the work before hiring them for the job. While this agreement is implicit, it’s always best to protect yourself by putting this down in writing on a contract.

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