Copywriting Taglines and Names

Copywriting taglines and names

1. Stuck in my head

Taglines are short descriptors that capture the essence of an organisation’s uniqueness, nature, and quality of products and services. While it is relatively easy to change any aspect of a brand’s identity. Changing a brand’s name or its taglines is much more tricky in getting your customers to reconnect with you.

2. Memorable lines

Taglines – like names – must deliver precise, distilled organisational values that also fit within the context of the cultures and societies the organisation operates within. Every culture and society has its own (unique) interpretation of language. The tagline must capture the essence of the organisation, and fit perfectly into the linguistic mould of the culture that it is operating in. Which memories will you drop into your customers’ minds today? Will they remember tomorrow? The measure of success for taglines rests in the ability of customers to recall those taglines. Quantico has conducted sessions for copywriting taglines and names with organisations, including Bayer CropScience and BASF. Our work helped these companies establish relatability for their products and services across diverse markets and micro-communities.

3. Nomenclature and culture

A name is the reason for brands being discussed, remembered, recommended, or simply ignored. Consumers make snap decisions, purchases, impressions, and conversations all on the strength of a brand’s name. The best brand names invite social and cultural connections. Successful naming requires meaningful strategic insight and a sound understanding of the intrinsic qualities of sound, rhythm, language, and cultural implications. The right name is timeless, credible, easy to use, fun to talk about, can be trademarked, and invites extensions. It looks and sounds great, and creates buzz across marketplaces, and in homes and offices.

4. Common conventions

These are some common brand naming conventions:
• Founder (Ben and Jerry’s)
• Descriptive (Toys “R” Us)
• Functional (General Motors)
• Metaphor (Nike)
• Acronym (IBM)
• Experiential (Land Rover)
• Invented (Google)

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